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  1. The answer is yes but you need to be a member of the builders club. To boost up the sales you to get your hands on the legendary items and make friends with the users of builder club as they will be one that is eligible for trading. To enter the club, you need to buy the monthly or annual subscription.

    Access the profile of the person that you to trade with. Just aside the send message button, you can see the Trade Items option. Clicking on that will open a separate window.

    From there you can add the items to the cart that you want to be traded and that’s pretty much it.

    If you will generous you can send some gifts to me too 🙂

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  2. Yes You Can!

    1. Firstly join the Builders Club, of course, it costs something. Ranging from about $6 to $100
    2. Then start to collect items to trade or invest in Robux. ‘’Inventory’’ section.
    3. Set your trade accessibility. In ‘’Trade’’ section find Trade Accessibility menu and choose either you are open to trade or not.
    4. Then search for friends. If you find your trading partner then access their profile page with the search bar and start by choosing the ‘’Trade Items’’ option.

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