How To Make a Teleporter In Roblox?


I know that teleporters are not built originally into the user interface of Roblox. Could anyone tell me how to create a teleport in Roblox?

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yannick martinez 3 years 1 Answer 659 views

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  1. You are right that teleporters are not natively built into the user interface of Roblox.

    To create teleporters in Roblox, you will have to do scripting in the Roblox scripting language, Lua. There are already some scripts for teleporters in Roblox that are free to use.

    Open Roblox Studio and click on the Insert tab then go to Tools. Click on the Brick in the world viewer. Name it as a ‘teleporter’ and insert this script in the explorer:
    -function onTouch(part) local Toucher = part.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) if Toucher -= nil then Toucher.Torso.CFrame = (“0,0,1”) end end teleporter = script.Parent teleporter.Touched:connect(OnTouch)

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