How To Get Free Robux?


I have been looking the way to get free robux for almost 5 month and could be any. Maybe someone can recommend me a real working free robux generator to get free robux?

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  1. There is no way to get free robux. You can only get free robux by giveaways, and if you win.

  2. Actually there are tons of ways to get free robux. First you should for the websites that have “giving away” groups in Roblox. Just join them and try to ask for the ways to earn the way to get robuxes. From my experience I would recommend websites like Robloxy or RBXBOT. They worked for me without any problems and can recommend them to everyone. To get free robux you have to:
    1. Go to the website
    2. Register and leave your email address
    3. Complete your profile, answer all the necessary questions
    4. Find the tab on a website where it says offerwalls and start earning the points.
    5. Redeem or exchange your points for robux.

    I myself received about 2000 free robux from this kind of websites. Some of them are also offering Free Builders Membership just in case

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