How To Add Admin To Your Roblox Game?


I’ve heard that I could add admin to my Roblox game. Is it possible?

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Antje Kummer 3 years 1 Answer 774 views

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  1. To add an admin on Roblox you will have to open the Roblox library and move the cursor towards HD admin as it the most up to date admin of Roblox.

    Click on the green ‘Get’ button to copy the admin, so it gets added to your inventory. Click on the ‘Create Page’ at the top left corner of the screen to open a list of all your games. Find the place where you want to add admin commands then click the on the edit button on the right side of the game to open up Roblox studio for that particular game. Click on ‘view’ to load the explorer and toolbox.

    Open the toolbox and load up the inventory. Drag the HD admin into your place to add it to your explorer. Click ‘File’ and select ‘Publish to Roblox’. Then go to your game’s home page and click the green button to add admin commands in the game.

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