How do I transfer all old items from one of my old accounts to my new one?


If I were to try to get all items from one of my old accounts to my new account how would I be able to do it?

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  1. Nowadays you can move a place between accounts in Roblox, but can’t transfer items yet.
    To move a place, you need firstly to run Roblox Studio and log into the account with the place you want to move.

    After these steps go to File and save it once you type a file name, then log out of the account.
    The next step is to log into the account you wish to put the place on. Then go to File, open it, and select the place.

    The last several steps are: you need to go to File (in the place tab) and click “Publih to Roblox.”
    Choose which game you want to replace, or you need to choose “New Game.”
    * If you choose “New Game,” you need to go to the settings and click “Finish.”

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